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My name is Sofia Amadi, a native of Colombia and a supporter of our local Artisans. 


My experience as a Fashion Stylist in the fashion industry for over 20 years has giving me many blessings in life like traveling to exotic locations, working with the most amazing and creative professionals  and studying trends all around the world.


My journey began a while back to when I had an opportunity to do humanitarian work with indigenous tribes which that would be a memorable experience and would change my life. I have always had a fascination with indigenous works of art, handcrafts and culture but, this trip was more of a spiritual one and after viewing firsthand how the our tribes sustain their families through their craftmanship passed on from generation to generation I believed this would be a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with them on sharing unique fashion accessory pieces from their roots and heritage.

After visiting many villages we now design and collaborate with indigenous tribes and other artisans on sustaining their communities through sales of their handcrafts and keeping within their traditions. We are very grateful for these alliances we have made and look for a future that will bring them more education, sustainability and respect for their culture.

Fashion can be a representation of who we are or who we choose to support, these accessories found here at Mare Dolce represent lives, love of culture and giving back in many ways than one.

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